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Principal Murdisia Orr Ceremony & Introduction of
Apprenticeship Program

TH and Principal Orr

The principal of A.B. Davis Middle School in Mount Vernon, Murdisia Orr, was honored on November 18, 2009 at a special award ceremony in recognition for her outstanding leadership at A.B. Davis Middle School.

The Master of Ceremonies was DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton.

Introduction of Apprenticeship Program

Governor Paterson’s office, in collaboration with Mayor Clinton I. Young and his administration, along with the City of Mount Vernon school district, joined forces to honor Principal Orr for her outstanding leadership at A.B. Davis Middle School. Under challenging circumstances, Principal Orr has played a vital role in fostering successful teaching and learning at her school, thus preparing her students to meet the rigors of an uncertain and competitive future.


  Commissioner Horton announced that the Department of Public Works has established an apprenticeship program that will teach students the type of skills necessary to survive in today’s competitive work force.

Guest speakers included Mayor Clinton I. Young, Former Mount Vernon Police Chief, Barbara Duncan, Timothy Costello, Assistant Superintendent for the Mount Vernon school district, and Richard Thomas, who presented a brief slide presentation and spoke on behalf of the governor.

Apprenticeship Program

The following programs are available to students with at least a 3.0 grade point average, who would like to augment their career by gaining experience and knowledge working within the Department of Public Works. These specific jobs are essential to keep our city safe and operational.

• Architecture
• Engineering
• Highway Maintenance
• Parks Department
• Motor Vehicle Control / Vehicle Mechanic
• Sanitation
• Office Administration
• Supervisory
• Supervisory
• Heavy Equipment Operator
• Electrician
• Carpentry
• Masonry
• Traffic Engineer
• Plumbing
  • IT/Information Technology

Building the Green Work Force of the Future