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Sentinel Vocational Apprenticeship Training, Inc. (SVATI) announced the establishment of its new Real Estate School, located in Mount Vernon, NY. This initiative is in keeping with SATI’s mission of supporting productive career development and responsible community revitalization. Noting that the demand for real estate professionals is projected to grow at least 11 percent from 2012 to 2022 (US Department of Labor) as the real estate market continues to recover from the recent economic recession, SVATI will provide training in a location that has traditionally been underserved. Citing planned community development projects for the lower Westchester County, SVATI is positioning to be at the forefront of preparing aspiring real estate professionals to capitalize on this economic boon.

The Sentinel Real Estate School represents the perfect blend of experience and technology .The current instructors at Sentinel are real estate professionals who are particularly able to offer relevant real estate experience and knowledge in our real estate courses. Our license courses are professionally designed in delivered in an interactive, user-friendly environment, to help participants quickly master New York State’s licensing requirements to become a licensed real estate agent or broker.

Sentinel will offer

  • New York State approved Real Estate courses
  • Access to our unique Career Network
  • Counselors available to answer questions
  • Physical Textbooks authored by recognized experts in the industry
  • E-Books that allow students to study anywhere, anytime.
  • Real Estate review and preparation to pass the New York State exam
  • Up-to-date information about real estate laws and regulations

Initially, courses will be offered in a technology-rich classroom setting in which participants will have face-to-face access to our very knowledgeable and caring faculty. Very shortly we will be able to offer our courses on-line. We will be partnering with the nation’s leading real estate education provider with a reputation for high quality content, and most up-to-date interactive material that cover all stages of students’ educational needs.

All our courses will be supported by an outstanding team of instructors and student service representatives available to assist our students every step of the way. Our reputation is based on integrity and reliability.

Become a New York State Real Estate Sales Agent


Become a New York State Real Estate Broker/Associate Broker

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