Sentinel Vocational Apprenticeship Training, Inc. (SVATI) Announces Young Adult Innovative Internship Program  

Today SVATI will     launch a new career-focused mentoring program for young adults and high     school students. The program, called College and Career Readiness Advantage     (CCRA), will connect participants to professional mentors who work in a     range of competitive occupations. The CCRA program will focus on providing     students with career exploration, interpersonal skills training, and goal-setting     support and internship opportunities. Approximately 40 students will     participate in the program.

“This new program     will engage our students in a creative way, and provide them with     opportunities for real on-the-ground job experience. This program also     supports our strategic goals by engaging students through interesting     opportunities and preparing them for college and career.  We are very     excited to see this program emerge.”

The CCRA Program     is vital to ensuring that the business community partner with college and pre-college     educational institutions in order to enable students to explore career     options as early as possible. This exposure will enable our students to get     the best education possible, and begin preparation to compete in the new     economy that is emerging in our communities. We believe that every student     deserves the opportunity to learn the skills they need to participate fully     in a twenty-first century economy, and contribute to their community.

The CCRA Program     consists of weekly professional development sessions, guided email     correspondence with mentors and a career-focused final project.     The CCRA program will connect our students with meaningful experiences,     strong mentors and skills that they can use for future employment. Hopefully,     upon completion of the program, students will have the     opportunity to obtain summer employment through paid internships at their     assigned mentor agency. Current program partners include Avanti &     Associates Insurance Company, Power Master Electrical Contracting, The     Inquirer Publishing Co., Benchmark Title Company, Bozeman & Trott Law Firm, Carol     McCrea, CPA, and MFB Mechanical.  Commitments from companies in broadcast     journalism, and health care services are pending.

The CCRA Program     design is based on best practices identified in successful community based     organizations (CBO)-school partnerships. SVATI will immediately dialogue with     educational institutions, including school district administrators, to     discuss how CCRA program can be integrated in their educational programs.     These discussions will also inform the development of an equitable student     application process. We are encouraged by the high level of interest in the     CCRA by community leaders, and are very optimistic that the program will     engender increased student and professional educator confidence.


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